Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The travel bug

Mrs. Peeps likes to travel. She doesn't do it as often as she would like, although this year she does have a few trips planned: to Thunder Bay in May (I know, why? - work), with Ms. Blonde One to Vancouver and Vancouver Island in June (work and pleasure) and to Calgary and Edmonton in July/August (pleasure). I always miss her when she goes away. Mr. Peeps is my favourite during the day, but Mrs. Peeps is my nighttime gal. Plus Mrs. Peeps is the reliable one. She agrees that new food and water twice daily is important, along with regular box cleanings. Mr. Peeps is highly unpredictable in regards to the details of life. (He's an artist, ya know.)

I don't understand this penchant for travel. I mean, why would anyone want to leave me, but besides that, it involves, well, travel. I am not so fond of the getting to and fro, although I like when I arrive. I have flown on a plane with Mrs. Peeps from Winnipeg to Toronto (let's not even discuss the body search!) and been in the car many times when the Peeps have gone to Sudbury to visit the Grandparents Mr. Peeps. Last Christmas we drove up in an ice storm. This was not a pleasant trip, although Grandma Mr. Peeps made up for it once we were there!

My friend Floppy Puppy likes to travel.
He isn't a cat, but I don't hold that against him, since he is a kind and gentle wayfaring soul. (He is also from the land of Stephen Harper, which is a little harder to get past.) Mrs. Peeps is going to stay with Mr. FP when she goes to Calgary. Maybe he will add some new pictures to his web site when she visits!

While I am not as travel-oriented as Mrs. Peeps and Mr. FP, I do like travellers, so long as they come and visit!


Kelly said...

Holy smokes, I don't blame you for not wanting to travel...not of if there has been a history of body cavity searches. Eooowch!

The Blonde One said...

koko - I'm afraid I will be stealing mrs. peeps for one of these trips...if only you traveled you could join us....