Thursday, March 09, 2006

Homage to Koko Moon von Fascination

Meet Koko Moon von Fascination. She is a Balinese chocolate-point, living in Switzerland. She's only three years old. [Mmmm. Did someone say chocolate? Swiss chocolate?]

Her parents names are Bali Babies Moonraker (American) and Fara- Faida of Blue Moon (Switzerland). Aren't those cool names? I never knew my parents. Perhaps they had cool names too...

Koko Moon lives in the Blue Moon cattery (who knew there was such a wonderful place?) which is located in a small village called Edlibach in the heart of Switzerland, near the beautiful Swiss mountains.

Mr. Peeps doesn't like to travel, however, perhaps I can persuade Mrs. Peeps to one day take me to Switzerland to visit the Blue Moon cattery. I'd like to meet Koko Moon!

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