Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's all a matter of view

This is my view, looking east towards Yonge Street, along Sheppard Avenue, and over the Earl Bales park/ravine. It's not too pretty at this time of year, the only colour being provided by a bright red satin bra stuck in trees below our balcony. You notice how it's not too sunny, either? This is very typical Toronto weather. Not overcast, not sunny, just, you know, light-ish. I should be more specific, though - this WOULD be my view if Mrs. Peeps let me out on the balcony. Currently my view is obstructed by Mrs. Peeps who is taking the picture, but usually it is obstructed by the screen and the solid beige balcony wall. Let's call it mocha, not beige, so it seems more interesting than it really is. Luckily we have two balconies, and balconies breed pigeons, so I do have plenty to look at.

This is currently Mrs. Peep's view of me, through the screen, trying to figure out how to open the door so I can join her. She seems to think I will try to balance on the top of balcony rail. She isn't so worried about the balancing part; more the failing to balance part.

Also see how messy the studio is? That's because Mr. Peeps has a very different view of clean/messy than Mrs. Peeps.

Speaking of differing views, I cannot believe that Mrs. Peeps abandoned me yet again yesterday for another instance of knitting in public whilst drinking beer. Clearly, the beer is addling her brain and she had plumb forgotten the frogging incident from the night before. Although is attending a musical revue of the Ed Sullivan Show at the Fairbanks Legion really public? After all, it is a members only club, and only ticket holders could attend the event (even if there was like, 200 attendees). Well, my view of this is that no matter how good this event was, and no matter how good Buddy's dancing in drag was, there really is no compelling reason for abandoning me yet again on a Saturday, our sacred day. Obviously Mrs. Peeps view of this differs from mine. I am sure in the future you will hear more complaints from yours truly with regards to Saturdays.

See how we all have such different views of the same situation?

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