Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brokeback Kittycat

Yep, it's all fun and games at the Peeps...but only until someone gets hurt. Three guesses as to who that might be!
a) Mrs. Peeps: for subjecting me to this particular indignity; or
b) Mrs. Peeps: for photographing said indignity; or
c) Mrs. Peeps: for _______ (fill in the blank: her list of transgressions is quite plentious).

Mrs. Peeps has suggested that perhaps Mr. Peeps should also be added to the list above since he condones and enables her behaviour. Plus it is possible that he is laughing at me, not near me or with me as he might sometimes like me to believe...


El Timido said...

c) Mrs. Peeps: for her list of transgressions is quite plentious.
But her intentions are good ;3

Celtic Knitter said...

(fill in blank). . . diminishing my role as head of the household!

I like the fill in blank idea. I might use that on my blog. Oh, and I also have a siamese doll that I totally forgot about. She might make an appearance in an upcoming blog.

The Blonde One said...

koko....of course no one would laugh AT you. They would only laugh NEAR you or WITH you....they would never think of laughing at you....(giggle - sorry that is with not at)

Kelly said...

I wish I could quit you!