Monday, April 10, 2006

Princess Complex

Mrs. Peeps seems to think I have a "princess complex". I will concede that it is possible. I do think the world should, and does in fact, revolve around me. Really, in our heart of hearts, who doesn't think this?

But I am not the only one. You know what they say about those who cast the stones and living in glass houses...

Notice how Mrs. Peeps exhibited a princess complex from an early age: not only is she dressed in a princess dress, but see how she is also carefully evaluating her first *diamond* ring.

Mrs. Peeps still has an obsession with *diamond* rings. She recently indulged her obsession with a supremely regal lack of self control by purchasing not one, but four, rings of high bling quality.

So who's the princess now, hmmm?

PS. For all my readers who wish to indulge their inner princess with some outer bling, check out Free 2B Designs, a local jewellery artist!


Not An Artist said...

Well I think it only fair that a princess should have a princess complex.

Nice bling, by the way ;)

Yvette said...

You think you got bling? I never met a shiny thing I could resist (well, on sale anyway). One of these days, I'll photograph it. My bling will put you bling to shame.
Love the rings BTW.

Celtic Knitter said...

I've never been that interested in bling . . . but I think I have my own princess complex!

Little Knitter said...


By golly, what a cutie patootie!