Monday, June 19, 2006

Crack Alley Vegetation

Clearly some people have too much time on their hands...enough time, in fact, to take a hole-punch to a plant, for example. Not me! I mean, not that I don't have time on my hands, but just that I wouldn't violate a plant in this way. I'm not against a little salad once in a while, but somehow this deliberate destruction just seems wrong!


Kelly said...

It's either that or you have a catepillar that's a perfectionist!

Little Knitter said...

Have you seen Amelie? There's a man in the film who once used to be a ticket verifyer (?) on the Paris metro, and after he retired, he couldn't help himself from punching holes in everything - including plants, it made his wife crazy.

Maybe that's what you've got here?

koko puff said...

Hmmm, maybe it was part of his master plan to drive his wife crazy...I think I am married to his descendent!

Holely hole-punchers gone mad!