Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Excuses, excuses...

Mrs. Peeps came back from her trip, but I have barely seen her since her return. She tells me that it's because she's chained to her desk at the office. I didn't believe her until I saw this photo! I should have known that it would have taken a ball and chain to keep her away from me!
"I know I told you
But I dole out excuses
I'll get home just as soon as I can
It'll be alright
But I mean it, gotta believe it"

Ace Troubleshooter, "Ball & Chain"


Kelly said...

I don't remember packing that.

The Blonde One said...

That looks vaguely like the chain I also used to keep her from running back to you while we were in BC!

El Timido said...

Dear Koko,

Hang in there. It is always like that in the business life. The good thing is she is home now . You must be having a good time looking at the photos and listening the stories from the trip… Well I am… It looks like she had a great time. The photos look so beautiful and the food and the beer looks just ohhh my god!

-Mamush :3