Thursday, June 08, 2006

How long will you be gone?!?

I honestly can't believe it. I know Mrs. Peeps said she was going away, but clearly I was in denial, because it didn't seem real. And now the black suitcase is backed, the cab has been called, and I must face the fact that she is abandoning me. It is a long trip. She hasn't been away this long before. You know how people always fear dying alone and being eaten by their cat? Well, guess what cats fear?!

Ciao, Mrs. Peeps! Come home soon. Send me a postcard from Vancouver, and don't forget to bring me some treat-treats...


Little Knitter said...

You poor thing Koko.
Take comfort that Mrs. Peeps has promised to return. It's not for ever, and maybe she'll bring treats back - now that's a lovely return.

I would be happy to bring you treats some time too, I even did so for your far friends Fernando and Clay (boys of Ms. Boss-Lady, soon to be Mrs!) who clearly needed them as Fernando greeted me at the door when I promised treats.

Kelly said...

You think you're having a tough time dealing with her absence? You should see us at the office! We just stand there, looking forlornly at her empty chair...sniff.