Saturday, July 29, 2006

Midnight Mohair Madness

Last night, the Kell-i (aka Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Firefly Knit) actually left work at a decent hour (I know, I know - try not to fall off your chair) and went on a jaunt to Port Credit's Midnight Madness festival. Not that there was much midnight or madness to be had (except where the blistering heat was involved), but certainly I appreciate the Fleece Artist mohair that resulted from this venture! And in a spectacularly inspired moment, possibly aided by Ms. Firefly Knit's heat-addled brain, Mrs. Peeps persuaded Ms. Firefly Knit to knit this beautiful yarn into a jacket for her. How great is that!

Aside to Mr. Peeps: avert your eyes now, because what I am about to reveal will highly disturb you and possibly cause you to lose your precarious hold on your sane and non-cranky nature...

Today, and I hope I am not speaking out of turn, Mrs. Peeps has a hangover - not the usual alcohol-induced kind, but the shopping- and eating-induced kind. While I have been sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the exact details of all the shopping extravaganza, which may or may not have involved knitting needles, home decor accessories, jewellery and other girly items, I can report that the ladies were happily sated post-shopping at the Colossus of Rhodes, where their love of goat and feta cheeses was gloriously indulged! (Hello my new friend, Saganaki!)

Aside to Mr. Peeps: if you are still reading, I beg of you -- turn away now! Click on the big red "X" in the upper right hand side of the screen and don't subject yourself to more stress. Go! Quickly! Now!

Ok, hopefully he's gone, because if he is still reading Mrs. Peeps is in very big trouble...You know how they say the best way to cure a hangover is something called the hair of the dog? I've never understood that myself, however, I have just witnessed Mrs. Peeps's cure for a shopping-induced hangover: internet shopping (Hello my new friend, Etsy!) and a plan to ditch work today and visit Romni Wools (20% off sale calling!), Lettuce Knit (gift certificate calling!), Factory Direct (mini 2 gig sd calling!), and Fresh Collective (bling calling!). Knowing Mrs. Peeps, a few distractions may be found, like jumbo empanadas, dulce de leche cakes, more shopping...If you're from Toronto, you know the distractions that abound in this neck of the woods!

The only sad thing is, and honestly, I'm tearing up even as I write this, she must head out on this fun adventure alone. Ms. Firefly Knit lives too far away and is presently vehicle-less (subliminal message for Ms. Firefly Knit: buy a new car, buy a new car, you need and deserve it, buy a new car), and Ms. Blonde One, who is Mrs. Peeps's usual Saturday partner in girly crime, is in Italy -- the real one across the sea, not the little one down the street -- hopefully buying Mrs. Peeps lots of fancy schmancy yarn (mohair would be good) if the whole subliminal messaging strategy works out.

I myself would join Mrs. Peeps, but I am quite certain that my busy agenda for the day includes the words "bask", "shade", and "fan".


Kelly said...

Woohoo! I'm excited about your continued yarn shopping, but even more I'm excited about you ditching work! (It is Saturday for God's sake). Lord knows you don't need to be doing anymore of that.

P.S. I want more flaming cheese.

Not An Artist said...

Heh heh... sounds like you guys had a good time yesterday! I wish I had come too for various reasons. If you want company on your yarn shopping adventures let me know I might be convinced ;)

koko puff said...

Yay for Blogger! Mrs. Peeps's power of persuasion will be known as legendary as she now has a date for her excursion! Whoo hoo!