Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guess who came to dinner?

If you guessed the Yarn Fairy, you'd be correct! Since it's far too hot to cook, Mrs. Peeps decided to settle for (a beer and) food for the soul, aka Yarn. And not just any yarn, but some Terra - Fustic artisan yarn from The Fibre Company -- a delicious blend of 60% merino, 20% baby alpaca and 20% silk.

This beautiful dish shall one day become a most stunning knitted shell. But until that day, which no doubt is quite some far away day in the future, it shall be a visual delight.

[Thanks to Ms. Blonde One from Mrs. Peeps for the gift certificate to Lettuce Knit...]


Kelly said...

That's booteeful!

Koko, I think you better start insisting that Mrs. Peeps knits you a proper cat bed. Every ruler needs a throne from which to declare and demand things from.

Little Knitter said...

Ohhh.. the yarn, it looks scrumptious! As if you could just dive in and sink into luxury.
I agree with Ms. Firefly. A Kitty Pi might be just the right thing for you!