Sunday, July 16, 2006

Reluctant Model

Things must be returning to normal at the Peeps' house, because here I am -- in 38 degree weather I might add! -- all decked out in a scarf and a fur coat. While I won't complain about the fur coat, given I am somewhat used to it, I can take umbrage with the scarf. Getting the internet up and running prompted a Mrs. Peeps-Camera Reunion...that combined with a Team Canada Drunken Knitten Nite has resulted in a reluctant resumption of my role as beleaguered model of handmade items.

Aside: The keen-eyed amongst you will note that Mrs. Peeps has taken over the conveniently located, larger, computer desk, all the better to have more room for the two of us to do our important work: bringing erratica to you on a fairly regular basis. At least this disinclined model has a new flattering backdrop: cherry "wood" and Benjamin Moore designer colour Lemongrass on the walls. [Many thanks to BOB, Ms. Blonde One's Boyfriend, for doing such a spectacular paint job.]

Not that I can see stars from our new home, but if I could, I would wish upon one that Mrs. Peeps would find a distraction from knitting and stalking. I am hoping that Summerlicious might do the trick...last week Mrs. Peeps ventured forth with Ms. Blonde One and Ms. Firefly Knit to Canoe; tonight she is going with Mr. Peeps to the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons Hotel and I know a few more Summerlicious outings are in the works. Perhaps being delightfully sated and busy at work will distract her for awhile so this model gets a break!

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a2o2 said...

Koko,I like the self referential touch as well as the scarf.