Thursday, September 21, 2006

All Hail Koko the Konquerer!

Did you know that Mrs. Peeps is not the only one in the household with a new job? I have one too! I am known as the Great Silverfish Hunter. My mission is simple: Seek silverfish. Destroy. Remove carcasses.

What is a silverfish you might ask? Well, Lepisma saccharina is a small, wingless insect whose body takes on a silver metallic sheen after its third moulting - hence its name! Although its origins date back over 300 million years to the Paleozoic Era, it has adopted a typical North American diet, and is particularly fond of starches and sugar! They are pretty common in households and relatively benign.

But Mrs Peeps hates them because they slither and are icky. And she has a very strict policy that whomsoever shares her abode must pay rent. (I pay my rent in-kind: in love and odd jobs.)

Anyway, I have become extremely adept at silverfish much so that any speck on the floor is soon vanquished, whether it be a silver intruder or a non-living fluff. Who needs an iRobot Roomba when they have a Koko?


The Blonde One said...

koko - can you be hired out?

a2o2 said...

Fist I thought, “Is this a shapeshifting issue?” Thanks god NO :) I agree with Mrs Peeps it looks ugly. If you like it, go ahead Koko and help Mrs Peeps to get rid of them.


Little Knitter said...

Oh Koko, I know the difficulties of catching and killing the silverfish. You are doing a high and mighty job indeed. While I was living in residence, we had silverfish - and were instructed to not squish them into the carpets. They carry their babies on their backs and will then be pushed into the carpet to keep warm to hatch (goodie!). But be heartened that wherever there are silverfish - there are no cockroaches. I suppose - which would you prefer?

koko puff said...

No contest! I prefer silverfish. Easy to catch and quite tasty!

The Blonde One said...

Yes - I was glad to hear that silverfish meant no cockroaches...much prefer silverfish. they eat other bugs.

Anonymous said...

citation on that source? LOL- good catch, KOKO!!