Sunday, September 24, 2006

Love in the Afternoon

Well, Duckie may not be Gary Cooper, but hey, with Mr. Peeps off to Sudbury, a lass has to settle for whomsoever is available!

From Love in the Afternoon (1957), starring Audrey Hepburn, Gary Cooper and Maurice Chevalier:

Frank Flannagan: What does he export and what does he import?
Ariane Chavasse: Oh, he uh - he exports perfume and imports bananas. There's a fortune in it. Do you realize that for one bottle of perfume you get twelve bananas?
Frank Flannagan: Twelve bananas for one bottle of - doesn't sound like such a hot deal to me.
Ariane Chavasse: It's a tiny bottle of perfume and very large bananas.


The Blonde One said...

Koko- you have made my night. After an hour and a half wait at the Buffalo border (damn weekend traffic), this photo is absolutely the cutest ever!

a2o2 said...

I want to kiss your paws and give you a big hug! as you give to the duckie Koko :)

Not An Artist said...

Oh Koko, you romantic.

(although I don't get the bit about the bananas)

Yvette said...

Tell Mrs. Peeps that the Daughter would be delighted to meet her.