Thursday, September 14, 2006

Koko's Peepless Thursday...

Dearest Koko,

Bonjour! You were correct to be suspicious of the suitcases in the hallway this morning. I have indeed left you alone with Mr. Peeps for a couple of days while Ms. Firefly Knit and I sojourn to Canada's capital for a conference. In fact, how's your French? Want to join us in our love nest in Ottawa? We love our hotel so much, we never want to leave - we have an executive suite with a full kitchen, laundry room with a washer and dryer (!), living room, extremely spacious bathroom, dining room, balcony, internet, two tvs, and all the amenities we could want at our beck and call. This visit to Ottawa has proven to be much more fun and enjoyable than our last one. And we've only been here 10 hours!

Tomorrow we head to Parliament Hill for our conference. We're going to be frisked! Both a first for me.

Speaking of frisk, or perhaps Friskies, the French word you should be practising is "s'il vous plait" aptly demonstrated in the following example: "Mr. Peeps: Feed me. S'il vous plait." This phrase is also particularly poignant if you add the word "immediatement" at the end.

A bientot ma petite cherie!

Mrs. Peeps


Mentor Program Coordinator said...

le timbits! mmm

Not An Artist said...

Heh heh... hope the Kell-i are enjoying their time in O-town. Sorry I couldn't recommend a yarn store, but the one I did go to just didn't impress me all that much!

Kelly said...

I miss our sweet suites already!