Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Mystery of the Mentor Cat

Look at this face.

Come on, LOOK.


See how cute I am?

See how you couldn't turn away?

See how you keep looking?

So tell me then, how could Mrs. Peeps be swayed by other cats.

Is she ill? Is she fickle? Is she insane? How on earth could she turn her attention elsewhere when you cannot?

Sadly, it's true. Mrs. Peeps went to visit a certain Mr. Mao this weekend.

But that's not the worst of it, oh no. Not only has Mrs. Peeps been turning her attention to other cats, but she also has a new blog. A new BLOG! She says it is a work blog, about "mentors" and "mentorees". Wuzzat? says I. I am not sure I believe her, as I am quite certain that she does not work with cats and I have heard tell of a certain "Mentor Cat". I also have photographic evidence of this Mentor Cat, much like a lipstick stain on a starched collar...Me thinks a thorough investigation is in order.


Anonymous said...

Oh Koko, You are still the Queen. I would be more worried about that Neko cat.

And, it's 'Mentorcat'


a2o2 said...

Koko you are The One and The Only :) I bet Mrs. Peeps feels the same way...


Not An Artist said...

oh my god, she has a new blog and doesn't even tell me? How hurt am I? I feel your pain there Koko... what a monstre...