Monday, October 30, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I have received these highly disturbing images from Winnipeg, which I think would be more appropriately entitled "The Wooly, Wooly West" since obviously knitted items are very much required.

4 pm. Front lawn. All is not well. Halloween is tomorrow. I predict disaster when kiddies discover that their snowsuits don't fit under their costumes!

9 pm. Back porch. Thankfully the chicken was BBQ'd on Thursday night. The poor old patio chairs and BBQ are clearly out of season.

9 pm. Front lawn redux. Who cares about Halloween - I'm in a festive Christmas mood! But I hope Mrs. Peeps doesn't get snowed in: she is supposed to come home tomorrow night!


Yvette said...

Hey guess what? I popped into the new store Alterknit 1024 St Clair West today. She is about to begin Her SnB's this Thursday. I thought it might be a local solution for our SnB woes. Wanna go? It's a cafe as well - Yummy coffee!

Not An Artist said...

Oooh, you guys should definitely check out AlterKnits, I was there on the weekend with the TTC KAL and it is a great store. In fact, let me know next time you're going and maybe I'll make a field trip up there!

Martina said...