Thursday, October 26, 2006

Introducing The Blonde One, Foreign Correspondent

I would like to formally introduce my fans to Ms. Blonde One, who will be a contributor to my blog and official Foreign Correspondent. Regular readers of Kokopalooza know her well as her antics with the Peeps are quite well documented. Here's a recap of what you may know or not know about Ms. Blonde One:

What you know:
  • She is blonde. Go figure.
  • She likes to cook, and bakes scrumptious cakes.
  • She is my biggest and most loyal fan.
  • Her comments are witty and plenteous.
  • She brings with her BOB: Blonde One's Boyfriend.
  • She and Mrs. Peeps have a long history of girly antics.
  • She occasionally knits, drinks and knits and drinks -- like all the cool cats.
  • She loves animals.

What you may not know:
  • Why spoil it? Keep reading my blog!
Ms. Blonde One's First Official Assignment:
For the next few weeks, Ms. Blonde One will be on assignment in Africa. Yes, the actual continent, not some one-horse town in upstate New York! Home of my ancestors: the lion and the wildebeest. So she's off to the mother land to see where it all started. One should always begin at the beginning, don't you think?

My only hope is that this avid cook and adventurer does not obtain a copy of The Congo Cookbook on her travels as you may remember that that might not bode so well for me!


Not An Artist said...

Welcome Ms Blonde One! I'm looking forward to your African adventures.

BOB said...

Sigh. Miss Blonde One. I miss you.