Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Cleverest Cat Ever

Do you remember my dear friend Raffy? Recently my friend was very sick, and while he would be loathe for me to discuss it, let me just say that not only is he is doing much better, but clearly he is in fine form. He may also just well be the cleverest cat in the universe.

You see, he has solved the dilemma faced by all "indoor cats" like myself. Although being an indoor cat is a lifestyle choice -- where we have selected our lodgings as well as our doting life partners -- it is not a completely worry-free lifestyle.

Please: stop snorting in your coffee cup! It's true. What dilemma could we possibly face, you say? It's the eternal question: "Where will the food come from if (insert x, y, z dreaded scenario here)?" It is a continual conundrum. So we plan. Sometimes when you think we are napping we are actually thinking and planning. We develop various tactics, like broadening our palate (with plants, plastic, silverfish, lint, etc) or the very trite squirrel-like stockpiling.

But it is Raffy, genius extraordinaire, who has perfected what we like to refer to as "Condo Island Living". He recently had a feeding tube installed, giving him double the food/feeding options. What is great about this plan is that he can recline on his divan, or wherever he might be, with nary a care in the world, while his mistress tends to his every nourishment need. And if he is so inclined, and in the 'hood, he can still revert back to the traditional way of eating kibble from a dish.

Double the options, no worries, and a full belly. See? Pure genius! Perfecto.

Bon appetit, mon cher Raffy!


Little Knitter said...

That Raffy, smart fellow indeed!
All of that attention from his Miss, lucky guy. But even so, my my, he seems to have lost a little weight there, skinny guy!

Yvette said...

Sweet thing! Be well little guy.