Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Kenyan Welcoming Party

The cats must be near

Dearest Koko,

Thank you for the kind words about my injury. Things are much better and I can confirm that both purple and blue are colours that suit my ankle very nicely.

Today dawned bright and early in Harare, Zimbabwe. A very different type of city where the ghosts of its former glory can be seen. We checked out of our hotel, after a 24 hour stay, and proceeded to Kenya. Koko, we are getting closer to the big cats. I can feel it.

Upon exiting the airport in our lovely mini bus (emphasis on the mini), our welcoming party was there to greet us. Giraffe's. Real live giraffe's. They were lurking (well, perhaps lurking is the wrong word) just off the road. Eating trees just as happy as can be. This caused much excitement amongst me and my colleagues.

Next up were Storks. Now Koko, I know you like birds, however, I would not mess with a stork. They may appear cute and cuddly in the stories we tell of them bringing babies but they are big. REALLY BIG. Like, 2-5 year old child big (maybe bigger). They also look a little like vultures. Koko, if I were you, I would steer clear of storks. These birds would pick you up in their long and elegant beaks and eat you for dinner. Heck, they could eat five of you for dinner! At once!

After making a brief stop at the hotel, we headed to our first school: Rift Valley Academy. During our drive, we drove past the Rift Valley (as well as some goats, sheep, cows and many donkeys). The Rift Valley is gorgeous. The strains of, "The Circle of Life", from the Lion King wafted through my head.

The school was also lovely. The vegetation was lush and we were told there are Baboons on the campus! Unfortunately, we did not get to see them as it was getting dark and we needed to depart.

Based on all of the above evidence, I sense that the big cats are near Koko. I will write as soon as I have confirmed their presence. I will make sure to bring your greetings to them (while staying in the jeep with the man with the bow and arrow and gun).

In anticipation,
The Blonde One


Not An Artist said...

Wow, it sounds like an amazing amazing trip so far! I love the vivid descriptions of the animals and the 'circle of life' rift valley experience... now that song will be stuck in my head all night though!

Anonymous said...

Oh Blonde and Wise are smart to stay with the gun! oh, I mean the man in the jeep....Koko, don't worry that the Blonde One will find a new love, bigger isn't necessarily better....

koko puff said...

Dear Miss Blonde One,

I knew you would be the perfect foreign correspondent - you are so attuned to what is interesting to me! Thank you for keeping an eye out for the big cats and dutifully reporting back. I am sure on your Serengeti adventures this weekend, you will see some lions, leopards and cheetahs as well as some other tasty bits (aka zebras and wildebeests). Remember when you meet the big cats, the proper greeting is not a dainty "mi-oaw" but more of a gutsy "raaaa-ow". I do not want you to suffer the consequences of a mispronounced "hello great beautiful beast".

I cannot tell you how I am looking forward to hearing about your mini-safari and Bush Dinner under an Acacia Tree. (Although that statement is a perfect lead in for a truly inappropriate remark about the potential future direction of American politics, I will refrain from making this conversation off-colour and off-topic.}

Also, I am very curious to get your report about the Mbalageti Serengeti Tented Chalet. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about Swiss Chalet.

I hope you are taking many pictures which we can upload at a later date! I was very pleased to hear about the man with a gun AND a bow. Stick with him, especially when doing close-ups!

As always, your loving fan and favourite wee beastie,


koko puff said...

Miss Blonde One,

I received the following link from someone who has been following our correspondence closely. You must watch it! Please do not giggle too hard and trip and fall under a wildebeest or anything.

Hee hee,

Anonymous said...

I must say that since Miss Blonde One did not get her cake decorating abilities from her mother, that she most certainly received the klutzy one from her! Way to make a long trip longer. Glad to hear that you are having a great time. We here down under are also enjoying our time away but also look forward to going home.