Monday, November 06, 2006

Klutzes: In Solidarity!

A Woeful tale from Mauritius:

Dearest Koko,

I am so sorry to here about your injured head. But I must say, "In Solidarity Sister!". Koko, we are klutzes and there is nothing to be done about it.

Mine is the sad tale of a lovely Sunday afternoon (off) in the tropical paradise of Mauritius at the Maritim. Our heroine is joyfully walking along to her 3:30pm snorkeling appointment and is taking the time to admire the pool when...OOPS! There is stair in front of her. Which she misses. A delicate foot and ankle twists...and then...the pain! The Pain! Luckily for our heroine, it is just a sprain. Now displaying a purple toe and golf ball sized ankle, she is wearing "sensible" shoes (read: running shoes) and her dress pants. Knowing how vain our dear heroine is, you must understand her distress at this.

Koko, take heart. As klutzes we must stay together. Do not let Mrs. Peeps mock you.

Koko, I remain klutzily yours,
The Blonde One


Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you wear high heels to go swimming....

Rugrat and Wren

koko puff said...

Dear Ms. Blonde One,

Poor you! Everyone here is just feeling soooo sorry at how bad things are for you. I mean, you missed some snorkeling and all...I am assured there is no mocking, truly, although I do have me doubts.

Mrs. Peeps has been great. She has not mocked me at all about my wee incident. In fact, she was very worried and kept waking me up to ensure I didn't slip into a coma. Good grief. It was quite annoying on top of the whole embarrassing part.

Which isn't to say that she won't be mocking me - in fact her and everyone else I know and don't know, too! I suspect utter humiliation in the near future involving public displays of a certain someone in a hand-knit and embroidered red and white toque.

Mrs. Peeps did ask me to remind you her theory about comfy shoes over age thirty. This incident is not about momentary whoopsiness - it is a case of (aging) body over mind. Fate, baby, you can't avoid it. It is liberating (the comfy shoes bit - much like the "I don't care what I wear to the laundry mat" je ne sais quo you have adopted!)

Hee hee. No mocking indeed.

Well, I miss you Ms. Blonde "Ooopsy" One. I think BOB does too. He's been lurking and commenting on some earlier posts...

Say hi to my relatives "the big cats" when you go on safari in the Serengeti. Stick with the guy with the gun since you won't be able to run!

In solidarity,
Koko, Klutzy Kat

Little Knitter said...

Dear Miss Blonde Klutzy One (Foreign correspondent):
I too suffer from the klutzy slips. This is why I am destined never to be a waitress, or to juggle. I drop things, run into things and generally fall randomly much too often. I feel your pain (well, not literally... you feel that part). But I say that we klutzes should not let this hold us back! Keep limping!
Have fun! Show all of them the way a true klutz fights back!

Anonymous said...

Why do your worst injuries happen when you're away from me?
I think Fate wants you to stay close to me. I know I do!
I'm sending happy healing thoughts for your foot.
I miss you Miss Blonde One.