Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All Hail Grand Empress Koko

Alas, my dream of becoming a Shriner and ultimately an Imperial Potentate have been dashed, despite my having the appropriate headgear. Apparently there are some very strict requirements for membership to become a Mason, none of which I meet:
  • male -- and generally understood to be of the human kind
  • 21 years of age or older -- generally not understood to be in cat years
  • who meet the qualifications and standards of character and reputation -- possibly
  • who are of good moral character -- doubtful
  • who believe in the existence of a supreme being -- what, other than me?
I am quite disappointed, as you can well imagine. I guess I will have to start my own association with impressive titles. For now, you may refer to me as Grand Empress Koko.


Kelly said...

Start your own club and give those Shriners a run for their money! Especially in the hat department.

The Blonde One said...

All hail the Grand Empress (does this mean I have to bring gifts everytime I visit?)

Little Knitter said...

Well Koko, at least you can be happy you didn't end up with an outfit like this guy's:

It's awfully... fluffy?

Not An Artist said...

OK, but imagine this: How cool would you look driving around in one of those teeny tiny cars?

Yvette said...

How about Pokonos comedian? My ribs!!

koko puff said...

Oh, little knitter, you have been MOST helpful. I think because my should includes the word "Grand", I clearly have the right to wear a fluffy white hat. Did you see that ALL the "Grand" something or others were??? (

It's hard to tell about that particular hat construction...hopefully it's made out of yarn and not some animal; I was uncomfortable with its uncanny resemblence to a small poodle mix that I once knew...

And Not An Artist, I LIKE the way your mind works. I WOULD look great with a sporty car, I think!