Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Knock, knock!

Who's there?
Tisme who?
'Tis me, Koko.

Sorry, lame and tame is my middle name... Compared to last week, this week has been quite delightfully uneventful, involving no bananas and only a hint of vacuum cleaner. I'm feeling well, and at this point there is no evidence to the contrary, so things continue in the usual manner here at Casa Peeps.

As you can see, I enjoyed a quality sunbeam whilst I cooked up a scheme to guilt my peeps into bringing home some quality victuals (aka Fancy Feast). Although allegedly good for me, I am not a huge fan of the new food they have been buying: despite it being chock-full of duck and brown rice-y goodness, it is decidedly not foie gras.

If you notice me starting to waste away in future photos, please, I beg of you, make an excuse and come by for a visit in order to drop off some emergency sustenance. Just for the record, my favourite is tender beef, but I think any flavour will do the trick!


The Blonde One said...

Oh koko - I'm sorry to hear that your feast is no longer fancy!

Mentor Program Coordinator said...

Try Vitalax- Koko, Gus uses it and apparently it tastes like beef, so could balance things out for you.

Little Knitter said...

Asking for Fancy Feast? Why not ask for foie gras?

As the queen, you should know to ask, nay, demand! the best!

Yvette said...

Ah Sweet Pea, Malcolm sympathizes as he's been on the duck/potato aka, no flavour, food for months now. Unfortunately, he still persists in vomitting here and there, though not as much as before.

aao said...

Maybe no more Fancy Feast but, what a peacefully moment you have Koko.