Saturday, January 20, 2007

Brrr! Winter has arrived!

Luckily Mrs. Peeps and Ms. Blonde One took a knitting class at Lettuce Knit on making top-down seamless baby sweaters (shown here in 602 Honeydew dyed cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas). Although not my size (I think the newborn size would have been a better choice than the 6-12 month size, but never mind), and with the help of the sunbeam, it is doing a dandy job of keeping off the -21 degree Celsius chill. These old bones may be covered with fur, but they are still old bones, so this unstructured sweater, which is very soft and a flattering colour, is most welcome. If only I had the energy and where-with-all to locate my hat and scarf!


Little Knitter said...

You look scrumptiously warm!

Nice sweater! but where is your catwalk attitude to show it off? I need all views of this lovely thing to be completely satisfied

Kelly said...

Makes a great housecoat, Koko. That's a keeper.

Not An Artist said...

Too cute Koko, as always ;)

aao said...

Koko, what a nice sweater you have. With this color and the style, If you did not mention your old bones, no one could tell.

I agree with little knitter, more photos please.


Celtic Knitter said...

Quite the fashion statement . . .and practical too!