Thursday, February 08, 2007

I so sad. I so lonely.

There's always something. It seems like I never see Mrs. Peeps these days. She is very busy at work, so she says. And she's taking a course (Financial Management & Budgeting; doesn't that just sound riveting?). And there was Winterlicious...and Margaritas...and now I see there is yet another excuse for her to be away from me:

When, oh when, will I see Mrs. Peeps again?


The Blonde One said...

Gasp! Margartita's? When did she have those? And she had those without me? Oh Koko, we have both been abandoned.

Yvette said...

Mrs. Peeps left very early last night to rush home to you Koko.

aao said...

I cannot knit -Sigh- but I definitely can drink :)