Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ms. Blonde One!

Amber's 30th Birthday Gift
riginally uploaded by koko puff.
I wrote a special haiku for this auspicious occasion:

It's your thirtieth!
Do not despair, Ms. Blonde One:
Aging isn't bad.

In your future there
Is comfy shoes and many
Things you will enjoy...

Most of which you will
In all likelihood forget
But nevermind that.

Enjoy your big day.
You can tell us all about it...
Again and again.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Ms.BO! I'm sorry I missed your mashed potato party, but I have a little something for you.

The Blonde One said...

Koko - thanks for the lovely prezzies and the reminder that you will always be yonger than me (unless you count cat years - in which case you are 91).

Little Knitter said...

Wait... Ms. BO? I don't know if that particular nickname is all that flattering.

Koko, you sure do know how to choose a gift. I was with your Mrs. Peep when she purchased it, and my oh my, what a generous and thoughtful proxy shopper you have. I know you trained her to be that way and all though.