Sunday, June 24, 2007

Knit One. Tink Two.

Knitting Update

You may have noticed that Mrs. Peeps has had a bit of an obsession lately. Call it what you may: a fondness of fibre, a yearning for yarn, a wanting of wool -- however you may characterize this, she has certainly indulged this obsession and acquired quite a growing stash of yarn. Many cynics have noted their skepticism that she will actually do anything other than stockpile this yarn.

Ha! Here is proof that she not only finally completed one project (Wavy Scarf in hand-dyed Merino from a Calgary company called "Too Dye For") but she also started another project (Lace Wings Shawl in hand-dyed Sea Silk from Hand Maiden) and made some progress. Which is not bad considering that she had to keep tinking the shawl back while she got the hang of knitting lace. (Helpful hints: don't knit on the subway; don't knit while you are falling asleep; don't knit in a pre-coffee befuddled state: bad things happen!)

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The Blonde One said...

One other note: don't knit lace while drinking....