Thursday, July 19, 2007

Postcard from Nanaimo

Dear Koko,


How are you? I hope you are doing well and Mr. Peeps is remembering to feed you once in awhile...I would prefer not to come back to a tragedy! I am having a lot of fun here on Vancouver Island. I am staying with "your buddy" aka my dad in Nanaimo, and we have done a lot of touring and visiting. I am sorry to report that you now have a few rivals for my affections - the wise Velcro who reminds me of my friend Raffy, the vivavious Cosmo who is a big flirt, and their sister the wee cricket Sophia to whom I am now known as "Aunty"! I've never been an aunty before; in fact I am not completely sure if it is "Auntie" or "Aunty" but since she's not at the reading stage just yet, I think I have time to figure this out! I am looking forward to this new role!

Postcard from Nanaimo Mosaic

Anyway, I must run. Ms Blonde One is coming to collect me shortly and we're off to the southern regions of the island to see some sights and visit some wineries and generally get into some girly trouble, which, knowing us, will no doubt involve some wine, yarn, chocolate and some goats and who knows what else!

It is chilly here. I sure wish I had a beautiful fur coat like yourself!

Much love,
Mrs. Peeps

Click here for more photos from Nanaimo, Chemainus & Port Alberni on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Did they have to close the wineries after you and the Blonde One's visit?


Kelly said...

Dear Koko,

Wanna go hit the wineries in Niagara region since Mrs. P is out of town? You got her credit card info?