Thursday, July 19, 2007

Postcard from Salt Spring Island

Hi Koko,

I'm so sorry you weren't with us today when we visited Salt Spring Island. You would have enjoyed gamboling amongst the ducks and along the docks, and playing in the water with the (disgusting) jellyfish and starfish! We found a great bakery (Embe), and you could have nibbled on some lovely white chocolate cranberry scones while Ms Blonde One and I savoured the wines of the Salt Spring Island Winery and goat cheeses of the Salt Spring Island Cheese people. I told you there would be goats - we didn't see the actual furry beasts, but we did enjoy their cheese! There were sheep, chickens, a dog named Sally, and much fun to be had. Unfortunately no yarn that was not in sheep format, but a good day nonetheless. I think yarn is on the agenda for tomorrow!

Postcard from Salt Spring Island Mosaic

I am very sorry to report I may have played away a bit with some cats and other furry beasts. You may think of a suitable punishment.

Yours in contrition,

Click here for more photos from Salt Spring Island on Flickr.

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