Monday, July 23, 2007

Postcard from Nanoose Bay and Horne Lake

Dear Koko,

I can't tell you how deeply I am looking forward to coming home. This vacation is tortuous and ouchy. Yesterday our plans were thwarted to go to Horne Lake to go spelunking at the caves. Actually, in retrospect I believe it was divine intervention telling me this was a bad plan. So we went instead to Nanoose Bay, Parksville and Qualicum Beach (which for some reason I keep thinking as Quasimodo Bay). Anyway. Very civilized and picturesque. But you know me, there's just no telling me no. So today we made the muddy, bumpy trek up the logging road to Horne Lake to the Caves. Let me tell you, spe-lunking is no spa-lunking, that's for certain. I am very bruised and tired. The universe again tried to send a message when the tour we wanted to take was again full. Instead we took fate in our hands and sat in the mud pit masquerading as a parking lot, downwind of the outhouses, and knit the time away until our tour could leave. There is no end to my misery and pain. Let's just say that it's a good thing they require you wear hardhats AND that I am well padded AND that I have no shame. The end.

Tonight I will soak in the hot tub and drink heavily in a serious attempt to dull the pain. Later I will document the bruises. I am sure that there is a message imprinted on my body (who needs tattoos?); I suspect it says something to the effect of a karmic "haha".

Looking ever so much to seeing you soon (tomorrow night, midnight - tell the troops),
Karmic Kelly

PS. Karmic humour playing itself out: this afternoon was sunny and warm and the forecast for once we leave looks extremely pleasant.

Click here for more photos from Nanoose Bay & Horne Lake on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Kelly - after seeing those photos, you are one brave spelunker babe! You couldn't have paid me to play the Flinstones!


Anonymous said...

Ah, bruises.....what a reward for visiting God's country. Me tinks that I shall live through your talents at speeelunking and enjoy through your pictures.


Anonymous said...

Girl these cave pics are awesome..but I still don't know how you got through that without feeling claustrophobic!!!!!!

The sunset pics are BEAUTIFUL too!!!!!

vanessa (v)