Sunday, July 22, 2007

Postcard from Comox and Campbell River

Aloha Koko!

No, I'm not in Hawaii, just more places in BC that start with the letter C. I am trying to think warm thoughts because it is really fricking wet and cold. I have never seen a full day of sun here. In fact, "sun" is becoming a dim memory, replaced by damp, cold, winds, rain. In Toronto, they include a humidex reading with the weather; here I think they should include a frizzodex reading: my hair hates it here! My hair has been hitting a perfect 10 on the frizz-o-meter daily since my arrival. There is no product that can save it, with the possible exception of a razor.

Never mind. If I can be on vacation, so can my hair.

Anyway, yesterday after our truly uneventful trek to the Driftwood Mall to pick up Harry Potter, we trekked to Campbell River and visited a lovely yarn shop. My stash will be happy - more friends. We also saw some very cool wood carvings and Ms Blonde One auditioned for a Viking Expedition. She was unsuccessful -- the Vikings would not take her because she was taller than they were and the boat a little on the small side. We then went to Comox to my favourite tea room and indulged in a truly, well, indulgent way, and later returned to Courtney to partake in a very typical wet Saturday night activity: watching Harry Potter on the "big" screen. Us and a whole lotta wet munchkins and some annoying people who laughed at everything (perhaps they were giddy with the chill). When a day starts with Harry, it should end with Harry. (I am also reading book 4 and listening to book 6, plus we watched movie 4 before going to the theatre...this led to some interesting dreams that juxtaposed Harry and Die Hard...yes, I know, bit of an overshare there...)

Postcard from Comox & Campbell River

Today we awoke to some overturned chairs, gusting winds, rain and surprisingly, some more chilly weather. So it's indoor activities for us: spelunking! I can't wait!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and that you were able to catch Corrie Street this morning so that you can bring me up to speed upon my return. I missed it today as it starts at the unsavoury hour of 6:30 am, which in my view is just plain wrong. If there were ever a place that needs timeshifting, it is this edge of Canada.


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Yvette said...

Despite cold, I wish I was along with you. The weather was truly perfect the four days last week when I was there. Dramatic changes indeed!

Kelly said...

Are you counting the hours now Koko?

Anonymous said...

So glad the vikings didn't want her... she's all ours!!!!!