Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yarn Two, Cat Zero

Yarn 2, Cat 0

Our sad tale continues of the cat and the yarn. The cat unfortunately fares not very well this week and loses two battles to the yarn which ambushed her in sweater form.

These battles may be lost but the cat is determined that the war is not. The cat can tell that the insidious yarn is feeling nervous and insecure by its persistent presence and rapid multiplication. She continues to plot her revenge and vows she will not be subject to such humiliation in the future.

Be afraid, evil, sick yarn, be very afraid...

PS. Be warned all those who aid the yarn and knit sweaters and enable procurement...You know who you are!


The Blonde One said...

Bwahahahahah! wary of the yarn booties may be in your future!

Little Knitter said...

Dear Koko, how can you say you have such a distate for the yarn, when you look SO DARN CUTE and happy with it around you???

KnitNana said...

She does look happy, now doesn't she? Perhaps 'tis a ruse to lure the unsuspecting yarn into a false sense of security? Yeah, that's it!

Anonymous said...

Koko looked very handsome on SOMC the other day.
Liz in NoWhere PA

koko puff said...

Wheeee!!!! Thanks Liz! I totally didn't realize I finally made it on SOMC! Cheers!

Yvette said...

Congrats on the SOMC success. Recognition at last!

Leah & Yvette