Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Hard Day's Night


Ms. Blonde One thinks she's got a tough schedule...I tell you, she's got nothing on this furry feline. Can't you see the stress?

4:00 am Perimeter check: 5 rooms. 947 square feet. Special mission plastic or silver fish.
4:30 am Pit stop: snack, litter box.
4:35 am Chase tail. Find plastic. Chew, chew, chew.
4:45 am Exhausted. Back to bed. Cat nap.
5:00 am Look for love. Try to wake the peeps. Poke eyes. Poke, purr, poke.
5:10 am Spontaneously combust. Exhausted. Back to bed.
5:30 am Ignore the clock.
5:40 am Ignore the clock.
5:45 am Stir. Follow the peeps in a daze. Rest often.
7:30 am Exhausted. Back to bed.
9:00 am wait, still in bed. Heavy sleep. Dreams.
11:00 am Locate sunbeam. Sit pretty. Watch birds. Day dream. Snack.
noon Wonder where the big cats are. Wonder what indignities they must suffer. Photo shoots? Clearly not.
12:05 pm Exhausted. Pad about looking for somewhere comfy. Maybe couch? Nap.
4:00 pm Quick perimeter check. No peeps. Wonder where they are.
4:10 pm Snack. Find some trouble. Get into it.
5:30 pm Quick nap.
7:00 pm Peeps arrival. Attach oneself. Purr, purr, purr.
8:00 pm Dinner. Catch up on a little tv and blogging. Still no news of the big cats.
10:30 pm Berzerker hour! No blinking, staring or breathing. Seek victims and attack.
11:00 pm Exhausted. Patiently wait for the peeps to trundle to bed.
11:30 pm Finally. Sleep, glorious sleep. Dreams, glorious dreams.


Yvette said...

You poor thing. The stress...

Anonymous said...

An amazing schedule Koko. You are to be congratulated on the comprehensiveness of your activities and thoroughness...well done....