Friday, November 09, 2007

Breakfast in Zanzibar

Well Koko - the time is nigh. The big cats are near and my bags are packed. First however, I had to endure the very-long day. Also known as 'the day that never ends'. Due to the random cancellation of our Kenyan Airways flight to Mombasa, alternate routing had to be scheduled. Our day consisted of 4 cities in 14 hours and looked like this:
3:30 am - wake up call
4am - departure for airport
6am - flight to Zanzibar (unscheduled stop)
7am - breakfst in Zanzibar (how cool is that?)
9:45am - depart for airport
11am - depart for Mombasa
1pm - lunch & visit at school in Mombasa
6pm - depart for Nairobi
9:30pm - Spring Rolls in Nairobi
Now - bed

I shall report on the big cats as soon as they have been sighted.


Anonymous said...

Breakfast in Zanzibar and spring rolls in Nairobi...that's a great line for a novel!

Can't wait to see the big cats.

Kelly said...

What do they serve for breakfast in Zanzibar?!