Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Queen would be proud

My dearest Koko,

My apologies for the lengthy delay between posts. Unfortunately, I was in locations that had either no or extremely limited access to internet. However, I'm pleased to report on my going-on's at this time. Unfortunately, I have yet to spot the big cats but I sense that they are near. Today I did have the good fortune of acquainting myself with Alice. He is a a male cat named after Alice Cooper for their similar black lips. Alice also only has 3 legs. I have photos, but they are not accessible at this time.

In other news. I had the opportunity of visiting Victoria Falls this past weekend. Although no big cats were spotted, I did see in close proximity: baboons, monkeys, wart hogs, mongoose and cape buffalo. I have tried to included photos of these for your enjoyment but will have to wait for a location where uploading photos is possible. It is my deepest hope that this till be upon my arrival in Dar es Salaam.

Don't worry Koko - my quest for the big cats has not ended. It is only a matter of time.

My warmest wishes - your ever devoted servant -

The Blonde One

p.s my apologies for any typos. Spell check is also not working.


koko puff said...

Oh Ms. Blonde One. I am so looking forward to hearing in detail about your travels. Especially the big cats! MeeOW! Please don't get et.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..... the Blonde One's mission is good...the Victoria Falls have been checked and reports that they are wonderful....We are amused....

FOBO (Friend of Blonde One)