Monday, January 21, 2008

Deep in thought

Once upon a time there was this lady. I'd call her a crazy lady but then she might not feed me...nevertheless, she decided that today, despite being windy, chilly, and, quite frankly, windchilly, that she would brave the extremes for a latte and scone at In The Loop. (That's not the crazy part -- who wouldn't go to great lengths for their lattes and warm scones with whipped cream and raspberry jam? 1024 St. Clair West, just past Oakwood, if you're wondering...)

At her home-away-from-home, as she tucked into the homemade goodies, talked to and fondled the yarn for sale, chatted with her yarn buddies, reveled in her liberation from the second endless Clapotis scarf in Indigo Moon merino (currently blocking, pictures coming soon), cast-on a new project (Beaded Ruffled Silk Bag by Sweaterkits -- which she has subsequently re-cast-on as she missed some vital directions about casting on two stitches between each bead, not one), she pondered young Vivi, who at three months does seem to be enjoying the yarn. "Clearly," the lady thought, "this little charmer wants to be a knitter! Look how she enjoys the Misti Alpaca and contemplates which pattern would show off the beautiful colour variation in this particular skein. From day five, when we met her and introduced her to her first sticks and string, we knew she would eventually succumb to the lure of the yarn."

Lure of the yarn indeed. Methinks the lady thinks about yarn a little too much. Knitters apparently get this. Non-knitters just think they're crazy. If I weren't already a tad peckish and craving some Fancy Feast whitefish and tuna, I'd let you know which side of the fence I'd land on...


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Sandi Purl said...

love that pic!
you make my day, you krazy kat - come see my blog!