Sunday, February 10, 2008

Colour Dilemma

The dilemma of which colour to use of the Misti Alpaca Chunky Handpaint yarn for the Chunky Cosmo Jacket is over, although much wavering and second guessing is ensuing. The seed stitch swatch below shows the three contenders - Granite on the left, Havasu in the middle, Habanero on the right. All are beautiful when knit up, whether in a swatch or a Sunset Beret. In the end, it could have gone in any direction, but the final result is for the Granite with a blue trim.

Handpaint Dilemma

1. Chunky Cosmo Jacket Swatch, 2. Sunset Beret Havasu, 3. Sunset Beret - Granite, 4. Sunset Beret

The photos of the hats don't do these yarns justice. Unfortunately we can't reshoot because Habanero has gone to live with The Blonde One, Havasu was sold to a colleague, and Granite, well, let's just say the cat in the hat ain't happy.


Kelly said...

You know what would do them justice? Pom-poms!!!

Kristina B said...

Fabulous yarns and hats.

I enjoyed meeting you at In The Loop yesterday, neighbour! Hope to run into you in the 'hood one of these fine days...