Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sundries

I am sorry to disappoint my fans this week, but there will be no gratuitous photos of me in a hat...or a scarf...or a sweater. It's a bitter sweet victory since the real reason is not that my people took pity on me and finally decided to cease and desist with their incessant torture of me, but more that they lacked the opportunity being otherwise engaged and AWOL.

The mad knitter of the house spent Friday and Saturday in Whitby being wined and dined by Firefly Knit in true decadent style as demonstrated by yesterday's breakfast:

Blackberry Waffles

Saturday was apparently spent taking a fabulous cable knitting class with Fiona Ellis at Kniterary.

WIP Fiona Ellis's Cable Swatch 50%

The weekend also involved much knitting. Fortunately for me, it doesn't look like anything is anywhere close to being finished, so I don't think there is a photo shoot in my near future! Besides, don't you think my western friend CB should be the official model of all knitted things? Unlike me, she actually may really be enjoying wearing this poncho!

Debbie Bliss Poncho 2

In knitting news, some progress was made on the Tube Top (now at about 30% completion) and the Moss & Lozenges scarf (also about 30%), as well as the Lewis vest from Louisa Harding's Enchanted Garden.

WIP Louisa Harding's Lewis Vest 50%

A new project was cast on: Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery from the Spring 2008 issue of Knitty.

WIP Lace Ribbon Scarf 10%

A cute scarf was made (hand woven, not knitted)...

Woven Scarf

Which despite my best efforts and all intentions otherwise, I couldn't escape!


And finally, rounding out the Sunday Sundries update, this dinosaur made by the talented cookie-master Amber became extinct, causing a major sugar buzz and subsequent cat nap.

Amber's Dinosaur Cookie



Kelly said...

Boy those pancakes were good!

The Blonde One said...

Those look like mighty fine waffles....

Kristina B said...

Those are some waffles...!!! Do they have a waffle maker in the Ashton Green mag? Must look :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog... come back any old time. Was in Knitomatic yesterday... the evidence in today's post.