Sunday, March 23, 2008

I wish I could wish you a Happy Easter.

But I can't. I'm just not feeling happy at the moment. Would you if you were wearing this hat? So...Easter. There.

Beanie 2


Andrea said...

That's one unimpressed cat. Cute hat though.

Little Knitter said...

nice hat! it matches your eyes, Koko!

I like my eggs sunny side up said...

I love your hat Koko!!! Your crazy knitter must love you an awful lot to knit you so many nice hats.
The pictures of Koko in various hats make my day.

Oh Baby! said...

omg! adorable!

Kristina B said...

Some fancy Easter hat!!! I'm sure your kitty really liked it and was just playing stern... :-)

What colour sea silk are you using for the Tuscany, btw?