Monday, March 10, 2008

Winning over winter

It's that time of year when some Canadians start feeling sorry for themselves for living in a seemingly endless winter country. Snow storm after snow storm. Wind, cold and bluster: it can get you down...Unless of course you have good coping strategies! My preferred strategy is to hunker down on the heater for a nice nap.


Apparently my strategy (which I admit I find applies to all kinds of scenarios, not just snow storms - which really is the elegant beauty of this strategy), isn't for everyone. Some people like to get together and party! My Mrs. Peeps is one of those people -- instead of napping she headed to her home-away-from-home and hung out with her new BFs - Best Friends.

New Knitting Fiend & Friend

This is Claire. She's a lovely gal from Australia, and here she's proudly displaying her first WIP - Work In Progress. At this point, her WIP had morphed from being a scarf to an arm warmer (inspired by the ad for the launch on March 19 of Robin Melanson's new book Knitting New Mittens and Gloves). Claire's a quick study and she has a keen eye for yarn and colours, so as her arm warmer progressed, she realized she wouldn't be happy if they didn't match (which they wouldn't since she was using all the yarn of each colour up), so later this lovely arm warmer would morph again into a small portable stash bag, with new plans for the arm warmers, in Noro or some other lovely self-striping or variegated yarn!

Kelly and Claire

Mrs. Peeps has decided that Claire is a new BF - Best Friend. It must have been Claire's gravitation to the Noro and her obvious delight with knitting...two peas in a pod!

While knitting is a good coping strategy for some, not everyone feels this is the best strategy. The "monsters" (who are very far from being monsters!) feel that the way to go is hot chocolate. With whipped cream. Lots of it. Applied by Tracy under close scrutiny by the monsters for quality control. Topped with sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. Mmmm. Tasty.

Hot Chocolate - Whipped Cream

Hot Chocolate - Sprinkles

So there you have it -- two very Canadian ways of happily coping with the winter blues: napping and hanging with friends (knitting or not).

I sometimes combine both strategies by inviting my friends over -- the ones who I think could be persuaded to nap with me...Ms. Blonde One's usually up for it, so when she came by yesterday, I tried to tempt her with my wily ways. Sadly we didn't nap, but we did get in some quality visit time!

Amber and Koko

PS. Happy birthday wishes to Gerence P Junior aka Lil Ger! Have a good one!


Kelly said...

Poor Ang. Replaced by someone tinier than her!

And wow, is Ms. Blonde One being brave! Tempting Koko with her exposed face like that!

Anonymous said...

Koko how come you haven't persuaded your Ms Peep knitting afficionado that all a body really wants to do aside from sleeping on a warm spot is to have the warm spot done over with a knitted cozy? All things are better with a knitted cozy. Look at the Brits and their teapots. They have elevated that to de rigour kitchen kitsh. Imagine how much more luxurious your sleeping life will be when you persuade your lady peep to dig into her stash and design you your own custom sleeping warm yummy spot? The heater will never be the same, and that my friend will be a good thing. To quote another kitty friendly peep. Cozy up well.