Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunshine and Knitting

We had a beautiful weekend - no snow, lots of bright sunshine, and mild weather. Too bad I spent it alone indoors! Yes, abandoned again by the mad knitter...


Speaking of the mad knitter of the household, I've been roped into doing a wee round up of knitting related activities this year for those non-Ravelry folks who read the blog (hi mom!). FYI - Ravelry is an on-line knit and crochet community -- kind of a facebook for knitters but with content as well as social networking!

Let's sub-title the knitting part of the post "The Hat, The Clap, The Clutch and The Leg Whosiwhatsits".

The Hat.

Another hat, but this time NOT a Sunset Beret! This is a near completed Work In Progress - it's the Jack and the Beanie baby hat from Louisa Harding's Enchanted Garden (girl's version, 6-12 month size). Knit in Kashmir DK in White, Aqua and Sea Green. It just needs seaming up the back, weaving in of the ends, and tacking down of the flower. This was a quick knit, used to break up the monotony of some other big projects currently underway. Plus there was lots of extra Aqua to use up after the Duchess dress was completed (will post about that soon). The Kashmir DK is a lovely yarn, very soft and fun to knit with. Not sure who will receive this hat, there are many contenders-to-be.

WIP Louisa Harding - Jack and the Beanie

The Clap.

This is the second incarnation of the Clapotis. This one is done in beautiful Indigo Moon superwash merino and is a much more normal size. Unlike it's predecessor (which has gone to live with Michelle), this one actually gets worn quite a bit, despite the big error that only the eagle-eyed Angie noticed immediately. Five bucks to the first person who can identify the error in the comments -- someone not already privy to this clap's shame!

Clapotis 2

The Clutch.

The clutch, featured in the fresh snowfall last month in the park beside the St. Clair West subway station (Heath Street exit), is actually a Sweaterkits Beaded Ruffled Silk Bag. It's a cute bag, but very little. Totally useless. But nice. It lives in a drawer and dreams of making it to the big time (here "big time" being defined most likely as Out of the drawer). The Sweaterkits handpainted spun silk is amazingly beautiful and a dream to knit with. You can usually find Sweaterkits at the Knitter's Frolic and the Creativ Festival in Toronto...Try some. You'll like it!

Sweaterkits Beaded Ruffled Silk Bag

The Leg Whosiwhatsits.

Or Legwarmers. Whichever. These were made in Noro Silk Garden Lite for wee Olivia who likes blue.

Noro Legwarmers

Olivia Models the Noro Legwarmers 2

That's it for now! The madness continues...


Yvette said...

Sorry. Can't see any faults. Then again, I'm not a clap expert.

Elana said...

Those leg warmers are adorable!!