Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally. A blog post featuring a feline and a fibre frenzy.

This week I received a promotion. I know you might find this difficult to envision, given that I am Queen of Kokoland and there are quite limited opportunities for advancement. Good point. Nevertheless, here I am Queen Whip and Supervisor Supreme, keeping in check the peep who is a very big procrastinator and who put off doing her paper for the past two months or so and left it until the day before it was due. She finally decided to take a crack at it on Sunday, and for almost 20 hours since Sunday noon, I have had to keep a close eye on her and ensure that she kept nose to grindstone and the pedal to the metal. Finally, our collective efforts proved fruitful, and the dastardly paper was completed and submitted with a mere 4 minutes to spare! Not cutting it close or anything...


In other news, I fear the Fyberspates fibre frenzy forthcoming from the Frolic.


Shown here, the first of three boxes of Fyberspates yarn which can be found and fondled at In The Loop's booth at the Frolic. Aptly titled, this Scrumptious Yarn is, well, quite scrumptious. Featured here in this terrible camera-phone picture, are my favourites: "Moss", "Purple Solid Chunky", "Spring Greens" and "Fiesta" all in a DK weight (220 m per 100 g skein) made of 45% silk and 55% Bluefaced Leicester. Plus some lovely Leicester sock yarn and a superwash merino/tencel sock weight yarn...Many potential new "yarn friends"! Can't wait to see what's in boxes two and three...fingers crossed for this this loopy mohair to be in there somewhere!

Please someone, hide the credit cards! Also, I will need a protector. I've heard disturbing rumours that some people have offered to sell their first-born for yarn at the Frolic...

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