Monday, April 28, 2008

Land, Ahoy!

Blogland, Ahoy!

1. Yarn Ahoy, 2. Blue Heron Yarns - Kelp 1, 3. Cherry Tree Hill - Supersock Merino, 4. Dream in Colour - Smooshy - Deep Seaflower, 5. Apple Laine - Apple Pie, 6. Art Yarns - Silk Rhapsody, 7. The Fibre Company Terra - Redwood, 8. Fyberspates Dream Sock - Chocolate Caramel, 9. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 10. Colinette Jitterbug, 11. Ella Rae - Shibu, 12. Art Yarns - Cashmere 1, 13. Elitespun Wool

Land, ahoy! Blogland, that is. My apologies for not posting in such a long time. I have plenty of excuses. But as I am sure that I will need to roll them out at some point in the future, I won't use them all up now.

When you last heard from me, my less-than-trusty scribe was busy with school work and a much over-due paper (now submitted and marked - 83%!). But now it is yarn that is deflecting her attention from me. Yarn. Yes, it's true. I do not comprehend this particular obsession, but yarn does in fact appear to be the primary culprit for my solitary life. Yarn in all its forms - silk, cashmere, mohair, merino, rayon, and every variation thereof - coming in from so many sources, namely the DKC Knitter's Frolic, the Creativ Festival, In The Loop, Lettuce Knit, Kniterary, Little Knits...It's endless. I hear that there are plans for the yarn, so perhaps my scribe will start spending more time at home knitting it up! One can only hope...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Koko! Wow. Sounds like your scribe is quite neglectful of your needs at times. While I am sorry to hear that, I have to say her latest yarn haul is not only impressive but envious! The colours, the textures, the variety. Oh I am drunk with jealousy!

I too have been ignoring my cats over the past few but for different reason. My head is threatening to explode all over my bedroom leaving a snot bomb deposit so large, so sticky, and so green, that Hollywood horror film animators would be jealous by the extreme special effects. That's right. For the first time in years, I have a cold. You cats do not fall victim to these pesky things do you? Sure, you get that little ailment called "Kennel Cough" but you have no idea what a REAL cold is like. Accompanying the Booger monster who has taken residence in my right sinus cavity is her often overlooked but equally disliked, evil cousin, "Dry Cough Katy." This little gem sits for minutes doing nothing and then causes me to spasm in a musical barking number which bring me to tears. Anyhoo...

Be a lamb would you and tell your scribe to tell you about how much money she saved on her clothing shopping spree this past Sunday. I have been thinking about it ever since and can hardly wait to learn of the $$$ she will now have to spend on more yarn... er... I mean... on you, your food, grooming, toys, treats and general comfort.

P.S. Koko, you look like a star in that middle photo. Nice one. Remind your scribe that staying with her is your choice and that if she does not shape up you'll start shopping this headshot around for a better gig.

with warm regards and scratches behind the ears,