Sunday, May 04, 2008

Gone to Fair Isle

This weekend -- torrential downpour one day, beautiful clear and sunny the next day -- was spent searching for the zen. Apparently this can be found on Fair Isle. Ha ha! If only it were a real place (it probably is, what do I know) that can be as easily reached as wrapping two balls of yarn around two pointy sticks, which is the only version of Fair Isle accessed this weekend.

Fair Isle Bag - Class Project - Bottom, RS

I'm taking a Beginner Fair Isle 6-week class at In The Loop with Mairi McKissock. I'm doing my Felted Tote class project bag in 6 colours of Istex Lett-Lopi, a quite hairy Icelandic wool. This week we worked on the bag base, done in the master colour (orange) and master contrast colour (black).

Fair Isle Bag - Class Project - Bottom, WS

This is the back (wrong side) of the knitting piece. It may not look too exciting, but it is very exciting to me - I am starting to get the hang of two-handed stranded knitting. It isn't always pretty but it does the trick! And the part I am MOST excited about is that the yarn isn't all tangled.


Little Knitter said...

Dearest Koko,
Please tell Mrs. Peeps how very impressed I am with her knitterly prowess. I am however intrigued that you have not "helped" in the tangling process? Are you not a lover of yarn?

FP Wear said...

see? Fair Isle is a real place!