Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Le gasp.
A new post. TWO in one week! You might as well stay on the floor because when I tell you about my Talbots score, you'll be visiting it again. Directly following the reading of this post (and assuming the picking up of thyself from thy floor, it goes without saying), speed directly to a Talbots near you so you don't miss out on this splendid sale. Those of you in the GTA should aim for the Talbots Outlet at the 7 & 400. It's not Acton and it's worth the trip! Awesomest Sale Ever ends May 3.

So here's the deal. Shopping that is not for yarn or food happens rarely in our household. We are not big shoppers and are quite convinced malls are evil (especially Yorkdale). So twice a year we rent or hijack a car and/or chauffeur (thanks, Angie!!!), we hit the Talbots Outlet during the Awesome Sale, and basically back that car up to the front door and load 'er up with whatever fits. Later at home we giggle and play The Talbots Game - we tally what we would have paid and compare that to what we did pay! Tee hee! Most fun ever. Well, maybe only the frugal Winnipeg readers will truly appreciate this game.

Nevertheless, we scored big this weekend. In addition to all the scrumptious yarn acquired at the Frolic and the Festival, we managed to fit in a Talbots Frenzy. Success was had by all (the "all" and "we" here being defined here as Angie and Tracy and myself).

Final tally in The Talbots Game:
Original sticker price of all the items below: $828.00
Pre-Awesome sale price (after two or three discounts): $300.00
Awesome sale price (40% off lowest price, plus additional 25% off for Awesome sale): $144.00

Folks, that's 17.4% of the original sticker price!!!! I do so love The Talbots Game. It makes me very very happy...(Note to self: that's 82.6% more money for yarn.)

The score included: 2 pairs of summer capris; 1 pair of "around the house" pants (aka sweatpants, but I don't really break out in a sweat when I'm sitting around knitting -- usually); 1 jean jacket; 4 long sleeve pullover shirts (deep purple, green, white, coral); 1 short sleeve shirt (white); 4 tanks/camisoles (two brown, deep purple, beige). 13 items; average cost $11.08 each.

See? They might call it something else, but we call it the Awesomest Sale Ever! So pick yourselves up off the floor and get yourselves off to Talbots before Sunday.

Talbots Score!

[Edited after original posting: I compared the tags to the bill which I just located...some things weren't marked down on the tag so my numbers were slightly higher than they should have been; these are now the correct numbers!]


H-Star said...

bella, the only thing better than clothes is clothes on sale!

Yvette said...

You know how I love a deal. Never Pay Retail!

Kristina B said...

Glad I re-found your blog, K. I thought it was kokopalooza... and couldn't find it. :-)

Great pics!

Kelly said...

Oh sure, she saved all that money but what do you think she'll do with it, Koko?!

Little Knitter said...

Favorite words:
Sale, clearance, bargain, discount.
Mrs. Peeps practically stole for those prices. It was discount on top of sale! Huzzah!