Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Two Four!

We Canadians still call this weekend the May 24 (correctly pronounced "two-four") weekend, which may seem inexplicable to others, but we get it regardless of which dates it actually falls on. It is the symbolic start of summer and all that is sunny, warm, cheery and good. Sadly this weekend, the sunny and warm part of the equation is symbolic. It is nippy and grey. Denial is our friend. Party on.

So how do we Canadians celebrate the May 24 weekend? There's probably as many answers as there are Canadians ...I know some who cottage, some who clean (bleh, says I), some who knit, some who nap...


Regardless of how we spend it, the long weekend is greatly enjoyed by all in Casa del Koko. It's been a busy couple of weeks for some, including a trip to the frozen north of Sudbury. (This is the view outside the hotel room window on Ramsey Lake Road. I'd show a nicer picture of Sudbury if I were feeling more benevolent about the city but I froze the entire time!) The trip to Sudbury was a work trip, but a little pleasure was thrown in - visits with family and attending the opening night of Theatre Cambrian's production of the musical of Bye Bye Birdie featuring my little brother-in-law in the role of Albert Peterson. He was awesome! (Congrats Gerry!)


In addition to napping, this has been an enjoyable weekend filled with good friends, good food and knitting. Saturday lunch was had at Le Pain Quotidien (try the Belgian Waffle -- you won't be disappointed!). A latte (or two or three) and a few laughs were had at In The Loop Cafe (check out the new Silky Merino Malabrigo yarn -- colours to die for; these photos don't do the yarn justice!). The fabulous Cherry Blossom High Tea* catered by the exceptional Vanilla and Salt Catering was devoured at The Knit Cafe.

*Cherry Blossom High Tea Menu

* Sweet Buns with Adzuki Bean Paste
* Wild Leek Potstickers
* Asparagus and Shitake Maki
* Almond Custard with Cherry-Rhubarb Compote
* Black Walnut and Chocolate Springrolls (with a White Chocolate dipping sauce)

Magnolia 002

Ok, I realize this isn't a cherry blossom tree (it is a magnolia tree). But it is pretty and I do so love magnolia trees! Unfortunately all the blossoms are already gone from this particular tree, but it was absolutely beautiful in full bloom.

In knitting news, significant progress was made on the Fair Isle tote bag. This photo shows the homework from Week 2: Bands B and C. Week 3's homework is almost done, so there will be a new picture of that soon...I can knit faster than I can document and blog!

Fair Isle - Week 2

Anyway - Happy May Long Weekend to all! I'm off to find a coffee, turn on the heat and knit while listening to my favourite podcaster EVER, Brenda Dayne from Cast-On.

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LadyLungDoc said...

I think that the "May 2-4" nomenclature is Ontarian; I never heard it used in Manitoba or BC.

And it drives me crazy in years like this, where the Victoria Day long weekend is A FULL WEEK BEFORE the real May 24th weekend!