Sunday, May 25, 2008

I got mail!

On Friday I received the most wonderful surprise...I got mail! I NEVER get mail! It was so delightful to open this most unexpected parcel from my very cute pal Mamush who may not be blogging very often anymore but who I am glad to hear is doing well and survived a month without her humans whilst they off and gallivanted to Turkey, perhaps to visit her cousin Shashu. Mahmure (also known as El Timido) and I met via the internet -- our blogs were born at the same time just over two years ago. We've stayed in touch every since...Hi Mamush! It's so good to hear from you.

Yay! Mail!

The parcel was filled with all kinds of goodies, including a handmade card, a small tapestry pouch (perfect for filling with catnip and a goodly amount of kitty treats, I think!), a lovely striped scarf, an elegant tile and a brilliant blue evil-eye protector bead! I love the bead because it is what my eyes look like every night at approximately 10:30 pm which is referred to in my house as the Koko-hour. This is when I run like a mad fiend around the house, letting off a bit of steam and attacking every eye that blinks and every eyebrow that twitches!

A Present from Instanbul

The scarf is beautiful and I think is a perfect backdrop for my colouring. I like the silver twinkle -- I'm a bit of a magpie that way! I did loan it to Mrs Peeps yesterday to complete her ensemble -- she was going with the gals to the Royal Ontario Museum to ensure that her name was on the donor obelisk (it is!), followed by high tea at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville. As you can see, this ritzy outing required a "smart-casual" ensemble, and the scarf was the perfect topper!

Turkish Scarf

Mamush, thank you so much! This was so unexpected and delightful! Please thank your humans for me; it was nice of them to pick up all these lovely gifts in Instanbul. We're honoured!


Little Knitter said...

Squeee!! I LOVE getting 'real' mail. Mail for kitties has to be that much better too.

Not An Artist said...

Oh lovely mail. That evil eye bead does match the Koko-eye, doesn't it? I wonder what that means... hmmm...

So its no high tea in yorkville but what do you say to a knit lunch sometime soon?