Monday, October 13, 2008

Knit City

Toronto is a pretty interesting and cool city. I am almost reluctant to come right out and say that given that most of the people who read my blog are from western Canada and will now be rolling their eyes and groaning in pain. They always think we Torontonians think we are the centre of the universe, and whether we do or don't, and whether we are or aren't, let's just agree to leave that for the moment and let me show you how cool our city can be. (You know I love YOUR city too!)

Last week in spite of my plague, I ventured forth to The Knit Cafe for October High Tea. (The Knit Cafe does a monthly high tea on the first Sunday of the Month with catering by Jamie Kennedy catering...mmm. I don't miss it. In sickness or in health...) The menu was truly inspired (and with the exception of the squash/pipian was delicious):

* Pecan and Sage Scones with Black Raspberry Jam *
* Sweet Potato Pie with Molasses Crème Fraiche *
* Sheep's Milk Yoghurt with Pears and Hazelnuts *
* Steamed Squash with Pipian *
* Lake Trout Gravlax with Fennel and Red Onion *

Proving that miracles can happen, I offer the following:


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is indeed Mr. Peeps IN A YARN STORE, looking rather content and happy in a Dr. Seussian way, which, trust me, has more to do with the menu above than the yarn even though he is surrounded by some pretty spectacular yarn...such as the Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky and Lace Weight by his right ear! (I'm surprised he didn't hear it calling...I did!)

But I digress. Somewhat. Getting back to the white albino squirrel from last week's post.


This little guy was the headline act for Knit City, an independent project created by Kristin and Iwona of The Knit Cafe for Nuit Blanche. (Nuit Blanche is a free all-night contemporary art thing - it was held on October 4 from 7 pm to 7 am.)

What is Knit City? Well, the Nuit Blanche web site says it best.

"Knit City” is an intimate look at our city. Toronto is made miniature, and entirely from yarn. Buildings are created from stitches not bricks; knitting not cement mixers. The creators give favour to their personal haunts and stomping grounds. Honest Ed’s may be included, but so are local markers like the Gladstone Hotel and Trinity Bellwoods Park, complete with albino squirrels.

Not wanting to be exclusive “Knit City” invites contributions. Guests are invited to add their own pieces of Toronto to the installation. Hosts, The Knit Café, will provide crayons and paper as vehicles for the additions. Over the night mini Toronto will grow from modest Hogtown to sprawling GTA.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “Knit City” was conceived as a tribute to Toronto, and what makes it a warm and fuzzy place to live.
(from the Nuit Blanche web site)

I missed Nuit Blanche the night before, but I was glad to see the Knit City when I went for tea. Here are some more images of the Knit City featuring some of Toronto's most unique buildings and landmarks.

The Knit Cafe, Knit City

OCAD's Sharp Centre for Design and Honest Ed's (complete with twinkling lights).

The Drake Hotel.

The Trinity-Bellwoods Park Gates.

CN Tower. I personally detest this landmark image of Toronto, but there is just no getting away from it and the ladies did do a pretty fabulous job on this knitted version.

And finally. The piece de resistance: The Knit Cafe. Home of the Knit City, fabulous yarn, people and food. Please note the loving detail that went into this one - the textured brick work, and painstaking replication of the building details.

See? It's things like Knit City and the Knit Cafe that make me really appreciate all that Toronto has to offer. There's good, bad and ugly, but sometimes the good is really, really good.


Sunny said...

That is so cool!!! I really wish there was more of this sort of thing in my "city" and I say it in quotations because my city is so small that it can hardly be a city at all. I love TO and am so envious of all of you who get to do all of these great knitting things. Maybe I'll have to start something here in NB.

Anonymous said...

A nice place to knit, but I wouldn't want to live there....