Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Erratica, as promised.

Miscellany 1: I call this "Still Life With Prosciutto".


Honestly, it is a miracle I keep my svelte form what with my penchant for the finer nthings in life like prosciutto salad (minus the greenery, grapes and guava dressing) and pecan tart (minus the pecan -- I only like the tart). Fortunately for me, the sick one wasn't watching carefully, so I was able to scarf back quite a bit of this delectable feast!

Miscellany 2: I'm no Armistead Maupin, but here is a tale about my 'hood.

We live is a very nice neighborhood in's got lots of names, depending on how you look at it. I'm never quite sure. We live near Spadina Village (just north of Casa Loma), in Forest Hill. There are lots of muckity-mucks. Houses costs a bajillion dollars, give or take. They are nicely landscaped, with things like magnolia trees. We, however, are the riff raff. I don't know how or why they let us in -- perhaps we are a pet project? -- but they did! I'm not being negative here; I have proof.

Exhibit A: The still blooming flowers outside this nearby condo reflect a luxuriousness that is not in evidence in...

Exhibit B: the high priced rental apartments next door, which although there are flowers, the bloom is somewhat off, but which is still a step up from...

Exhibit C: the riff raff rental units where I live* where the landscaping appears to be immigrants from some dead forest. Despite its paltry non-green greenery, I like our cheap and cheerful apartment because it has wonderful heated windowsills for kitties.

*NOTE: the building shown in this photo is NOT my riff-raff apartment; in fact that is the side of a luxury rental just south of us and they have some very lovely landscaping including at least two water fountains and sculptures...


My old tactic when I was looking for a new apartment was to quickly rule out those buildings with flags (especially non-Canadian) or sheets or tin foil in the windows instead of drapes or blinds. Yes, I confess, I judged a building by it's window coverings! My new tactic will be to evaluate the quality of the exterior landscaping and foliage! Since this will be an all-inclusive strategy using both tactics, I begin to wonder if I am turning into a muckity-muck snob? Hmmm.

Miscellany 3:
A felted albino squirrel in honour of Whitey McRedeyes is a sneak peak into the subject matter of our next blog post which is not about albinos nor squirrels nor albino squirrels. (Sorry if that disappoints; I am sure there is a blog out there for you, though!).


That's it for now. Erratica, as promised!


The Meezer said...

Glad you got some of the delectible look positively beatific on your heated perch!

Sunny said...

My oh my Koko you eat well! Very lovely photos of the flora in your but you are a spoilt little kitty. Love the albino squirrel.

The Blonde One said...

Seriously cute squirrel. Am surprised you haven't eaten it.