Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Night Light.

Night Light

Apologies to my two (if that) readers. I wasn't able to blog this week due to acquiring the evil plague. It is not quite vanquished. But I have much to tell you and show you! The blog promises erratica, and boy do I have erratica!


KnitNana said...

You appear to be "plugged in!"
I hope you're well now?
(evil plague indeed!)

Yvette said...

Erratica rocks my world!

Sunny said...

I read your blog and check it every day to see what the coolest cat in Canada is up to. I loooove it!!!!!
I found you blog somehow one day while searching for something regarding knitting on the internet when I came across a pic of this cute kitty wearing the most stunning little green hat. I've been hooked ever since.
Glad you are feeling better as I am going through Koko withdrawl.

Luciana P said...

At least FOUR readers so far.