Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Event of the Season (or The Story of My Sad Life Since I Wasn't Invited)...

I suppose you are wondering why I haven't posted in quite some time. I can only assume you actually care since you're reading my blog, so I will tell you. My less-than-trusty scribe was -- yet again -- far too busy to spend some time at home with me. Instead, she and Mr. Peeps attended the social event of the season: Adam and Michelle's wedding on Saturday night. They even dressed up and all (my Peeps, not just the bride and groom)!


Unbelievable. Not just the happy event of course, but the fact that it happened without me! It was a lovely wedding I am told, filled with friends, joy and cupcakes. More photos (some even less blurry) from this event can be found here.

Michelle & Adam's Wedding

I waited and waited at home for the Peeps to return so I could get a full report. As nice an event as it was, I am sure the only thing that would have made it more perfect is if all the cats could have come too! Me, Guinness, Inca -- we would have had a blast!



Grandma Mr. Peep's said...

Poor Koko nothing like being left at home while others party..but your Peep's sure are looking quite smart..See you soon.

KnitNana said...

Poor Koko. I know it's hard.
You're looking especially lovely, tho' and suspect you would have outshined the Bride...